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Stocks & Bonds

If the certificate(s) are held by you:

Send your certificate(s) by certified mail or by overnight carrier, without any endorsement, assignment or other notations to the UL Lafayette Office of Development, P.O. Drawer 43410, Lafayette, LA 70504-3410.

  1. Enclose a letter stating the purpose of the gift.
  2. In a separate envelope, using the same carrier as used with the certificate(s), send a stock/bond power endorsed in blank; that is, filling in only your signature but no other information. Your name should appear EXACTLY as it does on the face of the certificate(s). If possible, include a copy of the letter you sent with your certificate(s).

If you wish to donate only a portion of the shares represented by the certificate(s), UL Lafayette will complete the transaction and re-register the remaining shares back to you. In your letter, please indicate the social security number and the complete name of the registered shareholder. Please also confirm the mailing address for re-registering the remaining shares.

If the securities are held by a bank or broker:

  1. You can authorize your bank or broker in writing that you wish to make a gift/transfer _____(number of) shares of ________(name of security) to be designated to the UL Lafayette Foundation for the purpose of _________________________.
    Provide your bank or broker with UL Lafayette's electronic transfer instructions.



Please send a copy of your authorization letter to the UL Lafayette Office of Development. Include the name and telephone number of your banker or broker.

If you or your bank(er) need additional information or have questions, please contact the Office of Development by phone at (337) 482-0922 or by email at