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Endowments represent the University's permanently invested capital that generates funds (annual interest/dividend earnings) to support our students and faculty.

Hundreds of donors have established endowments with their gifts to UL. Each donor decides which area of the University they wish to assist with their endowment.

Endowments provide donors with a permanent naming opportunity. Oftentimes, endowments are named for the donor(s), for loved ones of the donor(s), or for someone for whom the donor(s) have great admiration, i.e., a respected faculty member.

Each year the University makes available part of the endowment earnings for the purpose selected by the donor(s) when the endowment fund was established. To protect against inflation, and to help each donor's endowment fund grow over time, a portion of the endowment earnings may be added back to the endowment principal.

 To speak to a member of the development staff

      Lisa Capone, Executive Director of Development - 337-482-0927,

      Dave Comeaux, Director of Planned Giving - 337-482-0922,

      Rae Brodnax, Director of Development for Colleges - 337-482-5753,

      Kathy Rosenberg, Director of Development for Colleges  - 337-482-1421,

      Pilar Eble, Director of Development for Colleges - 337-482-9063,

     Rebecca Doucet, Director of Development for Colleges - 337-482-6713,